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The computer-based smart digital image acquisition software used to Capture, Manage, Report and communicate the visual findings in USG. Findings are easily digitalized by using our software.


Image & Cine Capture
  • High resolution, high quality image & cine capture
  • Unlimited images and cine can store
  • Capture by keyboard, mouse, foot and handswitch
  • Deferent size and resolution image capture
Post Processing
  • Brightness & contrast of image can be change
  • Zoom, pan, inverse,flip, rotate,crop available
  • Annotations like arrow, text markers, lines, circles can be done on the images
  • Linear and angular measurements
  • Simultaneous processing of all images by mouse
  • Viewing matrices
CD/ DVD Writing
  • Direct CD/DVD writing can be done
  • Auto run CD Viewer implanted on each CD with Clinic and patient details
Patient management
  • Backup/ Restore
  • Import / Export of images and videos
  • Image and video library creation
  • Search by any field
  • Compare images from different Visits
Paper printing
  • User can print images to a windows Inkjet or Laser printer
  • Very cost effective method to print images and reports
  • Print color and B/W images in various formats with or without the report
DICOM Connectivity
  • DICOM Express can recieve and store images from DICOM ultrasound machines.
  • User can also do a DICOM SEND to PACS or other workstations
  • Conversion of Non DICOM ultrasounds to DICOM
  • DICOM PRINT to film printers is possible
  • Film Composer with facility to print on different film sizes and in multiple format